With the agrobiosciences, the video collection "Fields of study" keeps growing

Campus France Agency launched a new video collection dedicated to fields of study. The Advanced Agricultural Technician Certificate ("Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole") kicked off the series, and now, higher studies in agrobiosciences just completed the series.

In 2018, Campus France wants to put several fields of study under the spotlights by dedicating a video to the subject. They are destined to international students, to fuel their "desire for France" by providing an overview of all options available in French higher education in this field. 

"Agrobiosciences" include all disciplines in relation with agriculture and agronomy, but also sustainable development, nature protection, landscape management, animal welfare and agribusiness. 

The industry generates concrete job prospects thanks to the diversity and quality of trainings offered by universities, "grandes écoles", research institutions and high schools. 

More and more students choose this academic route: numbers multiplied by three since 1975

Excerpts were shot in collaboration with:

  • The National School of Landscape Architecture and its gorgeous "Potager du Roi" (Kitchen Garden of the King) in Versailles,
  • AgroParisTech and the magnificent site of the Château de Grignon,
  • the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood, and Forestry,
  • and Agreenium, Institute of Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine and Forestry in France. 


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