Campus France offices around the world

There are 255 Campus France offices and branches in 124 countries worldwide. Over 500 people work there to help students who wish to come to France to continue their higher education. These people are key figures in inter-university cooperation.

The role of Campus France offices around the world

The main assignment of the Campus France offices is to promote French higher education to students in the countries in which they live. In particular, the offices can provide information on the programmes that exist in France, help students develop their goals and accomplish the administrative procedures required to see them become reality.

Further, the Campus France offices are responsible for implementing the Study in France procedure in the target countries.


Espace Campus France Cuba
L'Espace Campus France de Cuba et sa responsable Enma Santos (2017)

Key figures in inter-university cooperation

The managers of the Campus France offices are perfectly familiar with higher education and the target student audience in the country they are located in. They support and participate in university cooperation between France and other countries by sharing their knowledge with French consular authorities.

The Campus France offices can also provide valuable assistance to French institutes of higher education that are seeking to develop abroad.

Check the Campus France offices directory for information on how to contact a particular Campus France office.

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