The Research in France portal

Information sheets, directories of doctoral schools and Doctorate offers: the Research in France portal gives you all of the information needed to prepare your research project in France.

A single platform to help you prepare your research project

Opened in 2016 by Campus France, the Research in France portal contains information and tools that will help you prepare your research project in a doctoral school. In particular, you will find:

  • a directory of doctoral schools;
  • a list of offers, financed or not, of Doctorates, postDoctorates and Master's internships listed on the doctoral schools and research institutes sites;
  • a presentation of the European and international funding programmes;
  • contact information for the French research institutes and laboratories;

With the Research in France portal, you also have access to the Campus France information sheets, which include:

  • information about the doctoral schools with a description of the schools, their contact information and admission requirements;
  • information on the international joint doctorates and doctoral training;
  • research files with a presentation of the different fields of research, how they are organised and the latest updates.
annuaire et offres

The directory of doctoral schools

Accessible via the Research in France portal, the directory of doctoral schools lets you quickly identify the doctoral schools and/or laboratories that work in your field of research so you can choose which establishments you should make your proposal to.

Contact information, research orientation, admission requirements, reception programmes… the directory has detailed information on the French doctoral schools and a list of 2,500 research laboratories associated with them.

Doctorate, post-Doctorate and laboratory internship offers

The platform of Doctorate, post-Doctorate and Master's internship offers details different funding opportunities:

  • financed by the host establishments (doctoral fellowships, CIFRE, etc.);
  • financed by European programmes or foreign grants;
  • internships in research laboratories;
  • postDoctorates in a French laboratory;
  • offers reserved for applicants who are recipients of a grant from their government.

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