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Classes of the Collège de France

The Collège de France was created in the 16th century by king Francis I to teach disciplines that were forbidden at the university. Today, the Collège de France is a unique institution in French research and a symbol of excellence. Professors from the Collège de France are renowned scientists and researchers. They give classes in mathematics and numerical sciences, physics and chemistry, life science, social sciences and history of literature

The Collège de France does not issue any degree; classes are free, accessible to all, with no need for registration. They are online on the Collège de France website  or on its YouTube channel


Check out the "courTs du Collège de France" or the presentation in a handful of minutes of a future class at the Collège de France.

Présentation par Edhem Eldem de son cours au Collège de France 2017-2018 "L'Empire ottoman et la Turquie face à l'Occident".


Explore the full classes of professors from the Collège de France (2017-2018).


Cours n°1 du Pr Barbara Romanowicz (Année 2017-2018) les Grands tremblements de terre (1/6)

The ERNEST, 15 minutes to change your view on the world

The association of Ernests was created by the Ecole Normale Supérieure (rue d'Ulm). Its goal is to ensure the broadcasting of scientific conferences in an innovative and short format. Videos stage a specialist tackling a particular subject of the scientific, cultural or intellectual field, explaining all stakes in 15 minutes.

Check out the ERNEST videos

Hubert Védrine, ancien Ministre des Affaires étrangères (1997-2002) : "Pourquoi le monde ne ressemble pas à ce que l'Occident imaginait il y a 10 ans?"


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