Managing the France Alumni network


Campus France manages the France Alumni network. This is the worldwide network of the graduates of French higher education. It gives institutes a way to promote themselves internationally.

France Alumni: a worldwide network

Professional opportunities, advice on how to promote your experience in France, alumni profiles… the objective of the France Alumni platform is to maintain the links between France and the people who studied here.


France Alumni lets institutes strengthen their image abroad and provide services and benefits to their graduates.


Its representatives around the world regularly organise get-togethers and events for alumni in the country - opportunities to meet the graduates living abroad. For more information, contact the Campus France office of the country you are interested in.

france alumni
worldwide network of 200 000 members

Ten good reasons to join the France Alumni network

Whether you represent an institute of higher education or companies, joining France Alumni is an opportunity to raise the profile of your institution outside the borders of France.

Becoming a member of France Alumni means:

  • raising the profile of your institute abroad;
  • strengthening your alumni networks through a single platform;
  • having special contact with the Campus France offices and the French diplomatic network.
  • drawing upon the pool of alumni in France and abroad who can represent your institute as members of selection juries, brand ambassadors, etc.;
  • having a local presence on France Alumni sites for each country;
  • promoting your academic programmes (continued education, remote study, online classes, etc);
  • having a way to conduct mailing campaigns to contact alumni targeted specifically according to your criteria (country, field, level of education, etc.);
  • creating ties with the network of France Alumni partner companies;
  • giving your students and graduates access to a wide range of job and internship offers;
  • creating or participating in themed groups and mobilising partners and alumni around your projects.



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