The Pakistani Higher Education Commission (HEC) scholarships

HEC Pakistan
HEC Pakistan

Pakistan is financing three scholarship programmes implemented by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Their objective is to double access to higher education for young Pakistanis within 10 years.

A political desire to open up to the world

Pakistan is the sixth most populated country. One third of its inhabitants are less than thirty years old and the literacy rate barely exceeds 58%, making access to education a major challenge. Confronted by the challenges of modernity, Pakistani authorities have an entire generation to train, from primary school to Doctorate level.

Created in 2002 and placed under the supervision of the Pakistani Cabinet, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) acts as a Ministry of Higher Education. Its objective is to double participation in higher education in 10 years, increasing from 7% to 15% between 2010 and 2020; in 2015, it was still at just 9%. In order to achieve the 15% objective, the HEC concluded bilateral agreements with 14 countries for the reception of Pakistani scholarship recipients. Three programmes have been established to fund these Pakistani students abroad. France is receiving more people from these programmes than any other country.

Managing Pakistani scholarship programmes

Three scholarship programs

The Ms leading to PhD programme - from the Master's to the Doctorate

Managed by Campus France since 2009, the Ms leading to PhD cross-disciplinary scholarship programme has enabled the integration of approximately 180 Pakistani scholarship recipients in French educational institutes. It mainly concerns economics-management, medicine and the engineering sciences, from the start of the second year of a Master's degree through to the Doctorate.

The engineering programme: scientific excellence

The engineering programme is dedicated to the engineering sciences and involves Masters 2, Doctorates and engineering degrees. It is aimed at the best Pakistani students from the most prestigious Pakistani institutes of higher education in the country, such as the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) in Karachi and the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

The Balochistan programme for a disadvantaged province

The biggest, but also economically the poorest, region in Pakistan, Balochistan benefits from special support structure. By improving access to higher education for the most deserving students in Balochistan, the goal of the programme is to encourage their careers and thus accelerate the region's social and economic development.


Campus France's reception of and support for scholarship recipients

In France Campus France coordinates the scholarship programmes established by the HEC. The agency accompanies and monitors the scholarship recipients by:

  • paying a monthly allowance of 1,000 Euros, with the possibility of an additional sum from the host institute or Doctoral school;
  • providing placement assistance for Master 2 or Doctoral programmes;
  • providing transfer from Paris to the site of the institute they will be studying elsewhere in France;
  • searching for and reserving university accommodation;
  • reimbursing enrolment fees;
  • paying health insurance and liability insurance costs for those over 28; reimbursement of social security and complementary health insurance expenses for those under 28;
  • providing academic support in close cooperation with the host institute, and sending an annual report to the HEC.

If your institute wishes to receive a Master's or Doctoral student, or to offer thesis subjects to recipients of these scholarship programmes, please visit this page for all of the information.

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