French summer research schools

Organised during the academic holidays, each year the summer schools bring a breath of fresh air to the world of research. They are open to Master's students, doctoral students and post-doctoral students.

Summer schools: "off-campus" research

Reserved for Master's students, doctoral students and post-doctoral students, there are many Summer Schools in France each year. They are often organised far from the research laboratories, in a more rural setting, and are attended by well-known researchers from around the world. This way, these people can share the fruit of their work with future and young researchers.

The summer schools take place between June and August and last from one week to a month. They give you the opportunity to meet more people and to discuss specific topics. The informal atmosphere there often results in new and original lines of thought. They are also an excellent opportunity to expand your network.

Some summer schools, such as that of the Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse (the Cargèse Institute of Scientific Study), in Corsica and the École de Physique des Houches (Houches School of Physics) in the Alps, have become genuine institutions over time, meetings that are not to be missed. Each session brings together scientists of every age and place, and their passionate discussion adds much to the progress of research.

How to find the right summer school for you

To find a summer school that corresponds to your field of research, check the Campus France catalogue of summer schools.

Remember that a specific programme for summer schools has been established by the French Embassy in China and Campus France to make it easier for Chinese students to come to France. This "France Excellence Écoles d’Eté" programme is for Master's students who are thinking of doing a doctorate in France.

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