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The France Alumni network is a network of former students from the French system of higher education. It lets you stay in touch with your classmates and gives you professional opportunities.

France Alumni: a global network

Present in over 100 countries, the France Alumni platform includes more than 200,000 students and former students from the French system of higher education. It lets them maintain close contact with France by publishing articles and organising get-togethers around the world.

The France Alumni directory

The France Alumni directory works like a professional social network. It lets you find contacts within companies that you're interested in to showcase your French degrees and experience. You can create a profile, fill in personal information and get in touch with former classmates or any other member of the network.


France Alumni themed groups

On the France Alumni platform, there are themed groups that bring graduates together in different areas of interest. These groups let you create or develop contacts. Join in on a conversation and thus increase your professional opportunities.


Finding a job with France Alumni

France Alumni helps you develop your career by listing lots of job and internship offers, in France and abroad. You can also get advice from alumni and read about how other people used their French experience to get ahead professionally.


Active and prestigious partnerships

The institutes of higher education, companies and institutional partners have dedicated spaces on France Alumni so that they can easily communicate with the alumni. Follow them to keep an eye on their news and so you don't miss an opening.


France Alumni news

Stay connected to France via the pages of the France Alumni site. In particular it has a cultural schedule, articles on French and tourism suggestions for the next time you come to France.

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