Giordy Menor, Peruvian scholarship recipient from the Beca 18 program

Giordy was chosen by the Peruvian government to come to France to study engineering. He is currently in second year of DUT (University Degree of Technology) at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. 

I chose France because of its great quality of life and internationally acclaimed higher education. Life as a student in France is supported by rebates from the private sector and financial subsidies from the government. My stay in France is going very well. I am discovering French civil engineering and in my school I use equipment that allows me to put in practice the theoretical knowledge I learned in class, an opportunity I cannot have in my country. At the end of my studies, I would like to work in France in a construction company. After that, I'd like to go back to Peru and use the technologies I worked with in my professional experience.

What do you think the differences are between the French and Peruvian higher education systems?

The main difference is the mandatory professional internship as part of the higher education course. It allows a professional approach of the labour market before passing your degree. In Peru, you design your professional project your studies, not during.

What are the positive and negative aspects of your experience in France?

The negative aspects are the administrative processes to access the French social services. The positive point is the open-mindedness you gain for studying with students from France and from all over the world. I feel close to French students because I managed to blend in quickly in their cultural environment and I was welcomed very warmly by the French students, who were curious to meet a Peruvian student. I managed to develop contacts quickly by living is such a vibrant city as Toulouse.

What tips would you give to students from your country who want to come to study in France?

That the first year in France is difficult, but you have to stay optimistic and open. I recommend to stay tuned regarding social and cultural events by any means of communication possible. The second year is much easier because you are already used to everything and France has many opportunities to offer in terms of transports for travel-lovers!

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