Medicine studies: the numbers cap will end in 2020

The expected reform of health courses is under implementation. The main orientations have just been announced by the French president then detailed by the ministers in charge of higher education and health as part of the “Ma santé 2022, un engagement collectif” plan (My health 2022, a collective commitment).

The full scheme of the next study course in the health industry will soon be redefined thanks to a new law presented in the months to come. Several measures are already under review and will be implemented before 2022:

  • the end of the numerus clausus, capping the number of physicians to train each year in France, is scheduled for 2022;
  • access to health-related studies will be revamped;
  • changing the 2nd and 3rd cycles of studies is planned during the same period.

All measures seek to better answer the needs in health in France by fostering:

  • diversification of students’ recruitment starting from more diverse Licence courses;
  • the possibility to open “bridgesbetween all health occupations;
  • the obligation for universities, as part of a State-wide obligation, to adapt their system to the needs of the area;
  • the best inclusion of student projects, focusing on their success and well-being.

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