Academic year 2018/19: Discover everything that will change for international students in France

Social security, Contribution to Campus and Student Life, accommodation, and more: many changes will be implemented for the academic year 2018/19. The new actions are the result of the law implemented in March 2018 “Students’ Steering and Success”, and there’s all good news for students! 

Social security

Very good news: the 217 euros subscription is now removed! Registering to social security will now be free of charge for all students.

For the year 2018/19, steps to complete depend on your situation:

  • European students with a European Health Insurance Card don’t need to do anything. They continue to have access to health care in France.
  • Non-European students already registered in an institution in 2017/18 don’t need to do anything. They continue to be covered by the same student healthcare mutual 
  • Non-European students who start their studies in academic year 2018/19 must register on the website https://etudiant-etranger.ameli.fr/#/ to benefit from French social security and a reimbursement of their health spending. The website is available in French and English

To know more

Check out the website of health insurance and the page dedicated for foreign students. Also check out our article health, healthcare and healthcare mutuals to take care of yourself during your study stay in France. 


Contribution to Campus and Student Life (CVEC)

The CVEC was implemented to create and improve the reception services available to students. The CVEC costs 90 Euros and is for all students (French or not) registered in initial training in a French higher education institution. Designated categories of students don’t need to pay it.

In all cases, you need to create an account on messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr and login to the portal cvec.etudiant.gouv.fr to be sent a payment certificate or a certification of exoneration. This is a mandatory document to register in your institution after arriving in France. 

Our advice

Complete the Student Life and Campus process as early as possible. You can do it online. Start from home. You’ll have one step less to complete after your arrival in France. Campus France even created a tutorial guide to help you

Any doubt?  

You’re not sure to be included in the CVEC scheme? You’re not sure to be required to pay it? Check out or article on the 10 things you need to know about the CVEC, contribution to campus and student life. You’ll find all the answers you need. The portal etudiant.gouv.fr can also provide you with some information. 



Good news for all students: you now have access to VISALE, a solution of free rent deposit. It will allow you to provide a guarantee on the payment of rents to your future landlord and increase your chances to quickly find an accommodation, whether in a university residence or an apartment. 

Good to know:

If you need a visa to come to study in France, it is necessary to have been issued a Long Term Visa used as Residence Permit ("VLS-TS") to benefit from the VISALE services. 

Our advice

Start all your process as soon as possible to obtain your VISALE certification early. You can do everything online, and it’s not necessary to know your future address in France. If you come to France to study with a visa, you can start from home as soon as the Consulate of France sends you your visa
To help you, Campus France has created a tutorial guide

To know more, read our article on VISALE.  


Do you feel like drowning in processes?

Don’t panic! Campus France will help you all along!

Check out our diagram to discover when and how to complete all steps. 

See you soon in France!

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