U-Multirank ranking 2018: French institutions under the spotlights

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In the 5th U-Multirank ranking launched by the European Union, France reached the third rank behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

The results have just been published, and they look good for France! French higher education institutions stand out, 8% of French schools and universities are present in the Top 25.

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Using about 30 criteria, the U-Multirank ranking analysed the performance of 1,614 higher education institutions in 95 countries. Out of 60 French schools and universities participating in the survey, the 2018 edition shed the light on several very positive points:

  • over 70% of French higher education institutions are above global average in two criteria, teaching and learning and international orientation;
  • about 50% are above average in research, knowledge transfer and regional engagement;
  • across all fields, French institutions have better results than the average of institutions from other countries analysed.

Note that on a broader geographical scale, Europe outclasses Asia and North America.

The international ranking U-Multirank was created in 2014 through the initiative of the European Commission and gathers a consortium of institutions that chose various criteria to create the ranking that are different from those used in other rankings, including the Shanghai ranking.

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