Organising your stay as a bursary student

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Foreign bursary students whose bursary is managed by Campus France have access to a number of services that will make setting up and staying in France much easier.

Your personal online space

If you are a recipient of a bursary and it is managed by Campus France, you are provided with a personal online space. You can monitor the progress of your file, gather useful information relating to your stay and contact us easily.

Access my personal space

Before leaving

  • If you need a visa to come to France to study, Campus France provides a document that you can present to the consulate to make the visa easier to obtain. It is an attestation of support or initiation. Just attach the other documents required for the visa to it.
  • For some programmes, Campus France will send you a "Pass Campus France" that summarises all of the arrangements made to receive you when you get to France, your transfers, accommodation, the amount of your bursary and the mode of payment of your 1st bursary allocation.


If it is part of your bursary programme, Campus France can organise your international trip by providing you with plane tickets. If necessary, Campus France can also provide you with train tickets so you can reach the city where you will be studying.

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Reception on arrival

If it is part of your bursary programme, Campus France can:

  • Meet you at the airport;
  • Put you on your way to the city where you will be studying;
  • Book temporary lodging if you are unable to reach the city where you will be studying on the day you arrive in France;
  • Leave your 1st month's bursary allocation at an exchange bureau at the airport for you to pick up, or send it by Western Union.

During your stay

If it is part of your bursary programme, Campus France will offer:

  • accommodation, either in the CROUS (Centres Régionaux des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires - Regional Centres of University and Academic Works) university residences or in a private student or hotel residence;
  • insurance if you do not qualify for student Social Security. 
  • administrative assistance, in particular for the approval of your residency permit, opening a bank account, taking out complementary health insurance and with housing benefits.

You will be provided with:

  • someone in charge of your file, who you may contact,
  • a personal online space,
  • a single e-mail address for communication,
  • an Internet site,
  • staff you can call for free outside of office hours.
  • Assistance throughout your studies, supervising your enrolment, academic progress and marks.
  • Cultural activities and trips in Europe.

When you get back

Once you've completed your studies, Campus France gives you access to the "France Alumni" network. This is a platform for foreign students and alumni of the French higher education system. It will let you: 

  • put your experience and qualifications to good use by putting you in touch with companies, educational institutes and other foreign students,
  • develop your career through employment offers,
  • talk with former bursary students and create discussion groups,
  • find out about events to do with France,
  • stay connected to the economic and professional world.
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