Investments and economic attractiveness: France meets recovery

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According to the results of the 17th barometer recently published by the consulting firm EY, France confirmed the recovery of its economic attractiveness.

The return of foreign investors in France in 2017 and in early 2018 is impressive!

With 1,019 projects, an impressive 31% growth (compared with 2016), France picked up with other major European countries. Though France is ranked third, the country is threatening Germany (1,224 projects, a slow 6% growth) and the United Kingdom (1,205 project, also +6%).

What are the lines of business in expansion?

On the European podium, France is:

  • first in the industrial sector, still the main driver of economic recovery  (323 projects, plus 52% compared to 2016);
  • second for the implementation of decision centres (59 projects);
  • third in Research and Development (78 projects).

What are the main investor countries?

The US and Europe still consider France as an economic reference:

  • with 223 American projects (22% overall), France is the second European host country for US investments, including in R&D. France became the second host country for American investors after the UK (334 projects) and before Germany (214 projects);
  • the place of Europe is also significant: the US are followed by Germany and the UK, and other European countries as well;
  • Note that in the Top 10 of investor countries in France, Japan, China and Canada are also ranked.

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