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Initiatives from institutions in relation with the European week for sustainable development

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Since 2009, the legislation forces institutions of higher education and research to implement actions for sustainable development: actions for information and to raise awareness started from May 30 to June 5.

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The implementation of approach in institutions is included in the Green Plan, a tool created to support the design of practical actions in favour of sustainable development.

As part of this initiative, universities completed an additional step by committing in a process of certification called "Sustainable development and social responsibility" (DDRS, for Développement durable et Responsabilité sociétale).

The aim of the DDRS certification is to promote the actions by institutions in favour of sustainable development:

  • through communication actions, improve the image of the institution, ensure a better positioning in designated international rankings;
  • through possible funding;
  • by joining a network of environment-friendly institutions.

To support the actions, several events will be held in institutions and your city. Check out all information to participate!

You will find the schedule of actions on the website of the European week for sustainable development




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