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In France, you can also study in English!

The trend of classes taught in English keeps growing in France. You can use Campus France’s Taught in English catalogue to list these classes and improve their international visibility. 

Since 2015, and the law on higher education and research, all French higher education institutions, including universities, have the right to teach classes in English.

Campus France Agency created a specific catalogue for courses taught in whole or in part in English, the Taught in English catalogue. Courses referenced in the catalogue increased by more 50% since 2014 to reach 1,328. More and more universities offer trainings taught in English and start walking the same path already opened by Grandes Ecoles and private institutions in 2015. 

The option to study in English is a great reason to attract international students. This options partly explains the growing increase of international students who decided to choose France, and France’s position in the 4th rank of most popular destinations, after the US, the UK and Australia.

France welcomed more than 343,000 foreign students in 2017/18, a 5% increase compared to 2016. 

For students currently learning French courses in English are a great introduction to the French language and culture. These courses are a great complement to trainings taught in French, and are designed for a different audience, people who don’t speak French well enough to study in French, but who already caught the “I'm into France” virus.  

The Taught in English catalogue is a tool available to French institutions to ensure the international promotion of their classes taught in English. The catalogue was used by about 170,000 visitors in 2017, a 25% increase compared to 2015. 

Institutions can directly add or update a course in the catalogue. For any information or to obtain access codes, contact Anne Benoit, Edition Manager at Campus France Agency ( 

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