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An expert panel has selected you from among many applicants to benefit from an excellence scholarship under the Eiffel scholarship programme run by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. This prestige programme provides support to foreign students chosen by the schools in which they will continue their studies.

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Campus France, the French agency promoting French higher education, reception of foreign students and international mobility, is responsible for managing and monitoring your study stay in France. In order to become familiar with your rights and obligations, we invite you to review the practical details that follow. Feel free to contact Campus France if you need further information. When contacting the Agency, make sure to have your file number with you.

1 - Duration of Eiffel scholarship

Master’s course:

  • The Eiffel scholarship is granted to cover a set number of months in order to help the recipient follow the course for which his/her application has been agreed. Students will have to meet the academic obligations for each academic year of the course to continue to benefit from the initial scholarship.
  • Excluding language training, the scholarship may not exceed 12 months for a Master’s 2 course, 24 months for a Master’s 1 course and 36 months for an engineering degree course.
  • If the recipient follows a preliminary language training course he/she may receive his/her allowance during this training, for a maximum duration of two months. If the training is not mentioned in the application, payment of the scholarship may not be applied for afterwards.The cost of the training shall not be covered.
  • Students may continue to benefit from their scholarship during an internship which duration is equivalent to 25% of the duration of the scholarship applied for (see “duration of the scholarship” at page 4 of the application file). To be granted a scholarship, internships must be part of the training and mandatory. The internship period exceeding the 25% is not covered by the scholarship. Scholarships are never granted during an internship not considered as mandatory by the training.
  • When a course includes an international mobility in the same institution, the scholarship will be suspended for the period abroad with no possibility for a deferment of the scholarship.
  • Gap years are allowed, but not financed.
  • If an Eiffel recipient would carry out his/her training in an apprenticeship course with dual training in a company supported by a contract providing for a wage, the benefit from the Eiffel scholarship will be terminated at the start of the training.

PhD course:

  • Eiffel scholarships are granted for a period of up to ten months.
  • A language training taken during the main higher education course is only available for students in law on request from the French host centre.
  • Split stay: If approved by the selection commission, students may split the ten months into a maximum of three stays lasting three to four months, over a maximum of three calendar years, with students returning to their countries of origin between sessions. Only one round trip will be supported.

In order to receive the first payment of the scholarship, the recipient must begin his studies in his host university in France.

Higher education institutions are asked to immediately inform Campus France of any relevant event that may delay graduation.

2 - Amount of the Eiffel scholarship

  • The Eiffel programme does not cover tuition fees. Higher education centres are asked to apply the best possible financial conditions to Eiffel scholarship recipients.
  • Tuition fees at higher education centres directly monitored by the French Ministry of Education are waived for students benefitting from French government scholarship programmes.
  • Master’s courses : Eiffel scholarship recipients benefit from an allowance of 1,181 EUR (1,031 EUR of maintenance allowance plus 150 EUR of monthly compensation). In addition, the programme covers various expenses including a return trip, social security and cultural activities. Recipients may also be eligible for housing allowance.
  • PhD courses: Eiffel scholarship recipients receive an allowance of 1,400 EUR. In addition, the programme covers various expenses including a return trip, social security and cultural activities. Recipients may also be eligible for housing allowance.
  • Payment conditions: The scholarship is paid monthly by bank transfer on a French account opened by the recipient at the start of the course. Bank account details (IBAN, SWIFT) must be transferred to Campus France.


1- Accomodation

You may ask Campus France to help you find accommodation in CROUS or private residences (Île-de-France region only).

2 - Housing allowance 

  • Private housing: If you are not living in a university residence but in a housing chosen by yourself, you can benefit, at your request, from an additional housing allowance. You will just need to send the receipt of the first rent payment, mentioning your name and address, and a copy of the lease contract.
  • Housing allowance amount: The amount of allowance, whatever the local education authority (“académie”), is set at 115.00 EUR per month.
  • Special case of students for Paris and the Paris region: since October 1st, 2003, students accommodated by Campus France in France in an approved residence cannot benefit from the 115.00 EUR housing allowance any longer. Rent is indeed partly subsidized by the Eiffel program. The amount of this support depends on the residence.
  • Termination of housing allowance: If you are engaged in a stay out of France in an training institution or in an internship, and do not keep your housing in France, payment of the housing allowance will be terminated.
  • During a gap year, the payment of the housing allowance will also be suspended.

3 - Travels

Travel Journey to France:

  • The travel to France is covered by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs only for scholarship recipients living out of France at the time of their selection. Issuance of the travel ticket is managed by Campus France only.
  • Special case: For PhD students who are allowed to split their scholarship in several stays, only one round trip will be covered.

Return trip:

  • The return trip is covered by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and managed by Campus France under specific conditions (information will be sent by Campus France a few months before departure).
  • Recipients have one year after the end of the higher education scholarship grant to benefit from their right to return.


Coverage under students’ health insurance scheme:

  • If the student meets the following conditions:
    • under the age of 28 on September 1st of the current academic year; and
    • registered in a higher education institution approved by the health insurance system.
  • Then the student must register to the health insurance plan specifically designed for students; the student will be exempt from paying health insurance contributions due to his/her status of French Government scholarship recipient.
  • In addition, it is mandatory to register in a students' mutual insurance plan including liability insurance. Campus France will refund up to 264 EUR upon presentation of payment receipt of the contribution for the year in progress.

Coverage by Campus France:

  • If the student does not meet the conditions to register in the student’s health insurance plan, he/she will be covered directly by Campus France, which will provide all information needed regarding social risk insurance scheme and on process to follow in the event of an illness. Campus France's health insurance cover is strictly personal and does not extend to the student's family.

In the event of hospitalization:

  • In accordance with the circular of the French Ministry of Education NOR: MENS1509669C, # 2015-101, appendix 4, section 2.2 of the 9th of June 2015 regarding the granting conditions of higher education scholarships based on social criteria and of financial support to international mobility for the year 2015-1016: "When a student, holder of a higher education scholarship based on social criteria must suspend his/her studies during the academic year for serious medical reasons (medical treatment, hospitalisation), he/she must inform the scholarship management services and provide them with all necessary proof. In such cases, the suspension of the studies doesn't forfeit the payment of the scholarship during the concerned period."

Full text available here (in French): http://www.education.gouv.fr/pid285/bulletin_officiel.html?cid_bo=90865



  • Eiffel scholarships are awarded for a course of study which purpose and duration are predefined.
  • For Eiffel scholarship recipients, participation to courses and activities in the frame of the training programme is mandatory. It is also compulsory to attend all exams and comply with regulations of the host institution.
  • The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs has the right to terminate all payments of the scholarship if the recipient's activities do not comply with the objectives of the programme.


  • Eiffel scholarship recipients must contact Campus France for a registration certification regarding the current year as soon as the training starts.
  • Recipients must inform Campus France of any internship taken before its start or journey planned abroad.


Campus France offers:

  • Weekend outings, so that you can relax for a day or two, meet other scholarship recipients and explore a French city, French region or European capital;
  • Short stays for a period of 3 to 4 days. It is a touristic and cultural discovery of a region of France or an European capital in a relaxed and warm atmosphere;
  • Sports, recreational and leisure opportunities;
  • Shows, to give you a glimpse of French cultural life.

Two catalogs per year are available in your personal space on our Website. All activities benefit from special rebates to adapt them to student budgets. The Reception and Offers service is available at culture@campusfrance.org

Campus France remains available for any help you might need during your stay. Feel free to contact us:

We wish you a pleasant stay and success in your studies in France!

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