How to apply if you are not European or living in a country concerned by the “Studying in France” procedure

Non-European students not affected by the "Studying in France" procedure must submit a preliminary request for admission to enrol in the first year of a training at “Licence” (Bachelor's) degree course. For other levels, they must contact the institute concerned.

Applying in first year

If you are not European and you do not reside in one of the 41 countries concerned by the "Studying in France" procedure, you must follow the preliminary request for admission (DAP) procedure to continue your studies in France from the first year of training at “Licence” (Bachelor's) degree course.

Applications must be sent to the department of cooperation and cultural action at the French Embassy in your country of residence. The white files concern enrolment in first-year university, the yellow for first year in a school of architecture, and the green files are for international students already living in France.

Complete the procedure as soon as possible. Ideally, in November preceding the academic year in which you wish to study in France. Regularly check your personal account on the Campus France website to avoid missing deadlines.

Agenda of the Preliminary Admission Request (ADP) to join the French higher education system in the academic year 2218-2019:
- Start of the procedure: 15 November 2017
- End of the procedure: 22 January 2018

Enrolling in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate programmes 

To enrol for a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate programme, contact the institutes of higher education that interest you. Check the Campus France catalogues to obtain their contact information. The institutes will inform you of their enrolment application procedure.

If your application is accepted, you will receive a document confirming your admission. From that point on, you will be able to undertake the procedures with the French Consulate in your country of residence to obtain a visa. Request a student visa if your admission involves a Bachelor's or Master’s level programme; request a talent passport visa if it involves enrolment in a Doctorate programme.

Students are considered “Europeans” if they have the nationality of one of the 28 countries of the European Union, of a country from the European Economic Area (EU + Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein), Switzerland, Monaco or Andorra.

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