Agrobioscience Keynote

Agronomy Agriculture Day

Published for the Agronomy - Agriculture Day organised by Campus France on June 19, 2018 in Paris, the Agrobioscience keynote presents sciences and technics of fields in relation with agriculture, including crop and livestock production, food processing, territories and forest, environment and management of natural resources, health, and more.

The keynote presents the challenges France is facing in the field of agriculture and provides details on: main stakeholders of research; infrastructures and research labs of excellence; competitiveness centres; research projects of the network of international researchers. A focus on the research portal of Campus, useful links and a presentation of several profiles offer additional information to international researchers and students.

The keynote is an addition of the research keynotes gallery, "climate", "science of the environment" and "renewable energies" launched during the COP21 with a stress on renewable development. > Resources Center > Educational and research programs > Research Profiles

For additional information, read also the field keynotes Agriculture and Environment > Resources Center > Educational and research programs > Subject Area Profiles

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