Make Our Planet Great Again and do your PhD in France! Applications are open

93 topics are available. French institutions are waiting for your application. Deadline is 22 April 2018.



In the framework of the Make Our Planet Great Again initiative, the PhD programme offers 3-year co-funded doctoral contratcs to Foreign students. 

Selected students will be hosted by a French institution with a 3-year employment contract to conduct their research in France. They will receive a salary of a mimnimum of 1,758 Euros gross per month.

You are eligible if :

  • you are holding Master's degree (if you will pass a Master's degree before August 31, 2018)
  • you have lived in France for less than 90 days since April 1, 2016
  • you are exclusively a foreign national

There is no condition of age. 

93 topics sumitted by French institutions have been selected in the fields of climate change, earth system and energy transition

Interested in conducting your PhD research in France?

Application are open until 22 April (and extended up to 4th may for some topics)

Send a message with your CV and a letter of motivation to the contact mentioned at the bottom of the page of your chosen topic.


Curious to know what kind of topics are open for application ? 

All available topics are online on the "PhD in France" platform designed by Campus France. 

As an exemple, you will be able to apply for the following offers :

  • Climate change and sustainibility 
  1. Changes in risks related to snow extremes: Impact on critical infrastructures under a warming climate in the French Alps ; 
  2. Comparison of the responses to drought of two mediterranean tree species with contrasting biologies: vulnerability, acclimation, and consequences on the carbon and water cycles.
  • Earth system sciences
  1. Modeling of sandy shoreline evolution and its uncertainties, past and future: toward a holistic approach ;
  2. Taking past temperatures with a grain of salt.
  • Energic transition
  1. Optimization tools for supporting the transition to clean buses ;
  2. Adaptive management of renewable microgrids.

Find more topics on the PhD in France Platform


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