The annual budget for a student in the higher education system is about 7,100 Euros

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According to a study by Institut CSA Research, the average budget dedicated to studies in higher education per French family is 7,118 Euros per year per capita.

Le Monde newspaper published a study by Institut CSA Research for the credit agency Cofidis showing that families spend 7,118 Euros in average per year per child studying in the higher education system in France. More than 500 parents of your French students registered in the higher education system participated in the survey in March. The survey also showed a wide gap between Paris and other regions, and between "grandes écoles" and universities.

The overall and average sum of 7,118 Euros per year and per student includes all living expense (food, accommodation, transports, spending money), but also tuition fees.

The average budget for a student varies depending on the type of studies and the institution the student is registered in:

  • Studying in business schools or schools of engineering cost respectively an overall total of 10,735 and 9,733 Euros per year;
  • One year in a university costs and overall total of 6,473 Euros;
  • A year in short or professionally-oriented courses, such as the BTS, costs about 6,780 Euros all expenses included. 

Accommodation takes the biggest part of expenses: 2,107 Euros per year and per child in average, which is more than tuition fees (1,897 Euros per year in average).

The difference between Paris and other regions is significant: the budget dedicated to accommodation is three times higher in Paris (4,014 Euros in average to 1,320 Euros in other regions).

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