Services, commitments and duties of the FLE program (cultural cooperation)

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Check out the details of services covered by the program and the duties and commitments of the candidate chosen.

Congratulations! You have been selected!

Once chosen among many candidates, you benefit from the program of FLE internships by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, MEAE). The program rewards students presented by FLE courses of French higher education institutions and chosen by a jury of assessors.

During your internship, you will be in contact with Campus France, the Agency in charge of the management and follow-up of your education stay abroad. To know your rights and obligations, check out the practical details in this section. Feel free to contact Campus France if you need further information (

Before your departure, check if you need to apply for a visa, and check your vaccines.

You are responsible for following the visa and vaccination processes. Be sure to follow these processes well before your departure. Costs are at your charge.

Services covered

Your subsidy

  • You receive a monthly subsidy on an account in France (implemented by the diplomatic post, not by Campus France);
  • The internship can only last for at most 9 months or 924 hours;
  • Payment of the subsidy is made in proportion of the period of presence on the training site in the limit of 9 months;
  • In case of any interruption for medical reason exceeding 15 days, payment of the subsidy will be proportional to the number of internship days realized;

Your travels 

  • Transfer, if necessary, from your residence location to Paris (single/return Paris-Residence location by train in 2nd class), and only for the intern;
  • International travail single/return from Paris to the internship location, and only for the intern. Under the condition of having received the convention duly signed by the five parties and the visa stamp on your passport;
  • Holiday travels are not covered;
  • Your excess baggage: a refund for excess baggage will be paid if original proof is sent to campus France. The refund accounts for at most 200 Euros, the global amount for a single/return trip (see article 5 of your agreement);

Your insurance 

  • You are covered in the destination country, and only in this country, by Campus France, and Campus France will provide all information on the social risk insurance scheme and on the process in case of sickness;
  • Campus France's health insurance cover is strictly personal and does not extend to the student's family;
  • The insurance covers medical costs (Campus France grants a refund against original proof), assistance and repatriation from abroad;
  • It is mandatory that the student stays insured under the French social security scheme.

Commitments and duties of the chosen candidate

You have rights, but you also have duties

Here are the commitments every candidate to an internship as part of the FLE program of the MEAE must comply with:

Documents to send to Campus France at the beginning of the academic year 

  • a registration certification of the current year;
  • registration to student social security;
  • internship agreement dated and signed by all parties;

Processes to Campus France and the General Direction of Globalization of the MEAE (DGM)

  • immediately notify Campus France in case of a waiver before the end of mission date.

In case of unjustified waiver, the intern will have to refund all costs covered by the MEAE: plane ticket, cost of return trip modification, insurance abroad. In case of force majeure (serious illness requiring a repatriation or death in the family of the member), a justification must be provided;

Other duties

  • keep the status of student and registration to students social security with the university with a registration in a FLE Masters' 1 or 2 course or a registration to the general scheme of social security during the academic year 2017-2018;
  • comply with the program of education intervention detailed in the agreement and stay in touch with the education mentor selected in the service of cooperation and cultural action;
  • keep the mentor in the French embassy informed of the follow-up of actions and the possible obstacles met;
  • comply with the obligations of neutrality, secularity and reserve regarding the position of French authorities and the policy of local authorities;
  • register online on Ariane before the departure and to the directory of French citizens abroad, after the arrival in the country;


The report will be validated by the diplomatic post and transferred to the mission of French language and education of the MEAE or the office Internship Training of the Direction for security and defence cooperation and the home university. The report does not replace the report possibly required by the home university of the student.


The selected candidate acknowledges to have full and complete understanding 

  • of compliance to the principle of secularity as part of his/her education intervention;
  • of the fact that his/her intervention can be terminated at any time due to an adverse report duly executed by the French embassy;
  • that any extension of his/her stay on the territory, for personal convenience, will be submitted to an authorization application to the program manager at the French embassy in a minimum period of 6 weeks before the date of departure.

If the MEAE validates the application, the candidate must ensure to resolve his/her situation with the French embassy and legal authorities of the related country. In addition, all costs related to social security allowances, health care, insurance and modification of the return ticket will be at the exclusive charge of the candidate;


In case of natural disaster, notable political unrest or any other security reason, the defence or homeland security attaché or the counsellor of cooperation and cultural action may take the decision to permanently terminate the internship. In such case, the student will benefit from a return ticket.


Campus France remains available for any help you might need during your stay. Feel free to contact us for any difficulty.

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