Student life, Colombia
Katherin, Colombia

At 12, Katherin won a scholarship grant to learn French for a few months. This first experience pushed her to go further, and a few years later she decided to register in the Alliance Française in Medellin. Highly motivated, she studied French after her classes in the Institucion Educativa Madre María Mazzarello high school of Medellin.

She designed a project to study in France and as soon as she got her degree Katherin jumped in a plane and went to Lyon with a precise objective in mind: "I learn French in Lyon to pass a DELF B2 degree in order to be allowed to register in "Licence" class of biology at the University of Strasburg".

We want to know more and the young student, full of energy, says she chose Lyon for its reduced size: "Paris is like Bogota, while Lyon is like Medellin!" but also that she chose Strasburg for the quality of its education in biology.

Katherin arrived in Lyon 10 months ago, and she loves the quality of life: "I love to take a walk on the banks of the Rhone and Saone rivers: water is so transparent, and there are swans and ducks right in the middle of the city!" she wonders before adding: "and public transports are very well organised and you can visit the city by foot or by bike".

And what about French?  "It comes easily when you study in France. You have so many opportunities to talk and the French, contrarily to the clichés, are very welcoming, they offer help all the time!" With such motivation, we can only want to help the young Colombian: congratulation and have a blast, Katherin!