Marialena, Greece

Here in Greece, France has always been considered a friendly destination for foreign students. Everybody in Greece has heard about the richness and diversity of French higher education.

It's the high quality of education that has made France a favorite destination for Greek students.

Studying in France also means living in France and discovering day to day its culture and lifestyle through all of the cultural activities that are offered.

I always dreamed of studying in France, not only for the quality of the educational system but also because living in France is a life experience. 

The desire to improve my French also led me to continue my education in France. I had already earned a degree in political science here in Greece, but I decided to study law, a field that had always appealed to me, in France. The French and Greek legal systems have much in common, as evidenced by the level of cooperation between universities in the two countries. 

It would have been hard for me to make this dream come true without the help of Campus France, and particularly of the person in charge of the Athens office, whose experience and knowledge of French life were really valuable.