Imane, Morocco

I'm working on a bachelor's in business and would like to go on for a master's in management, marketing, or business administration. My goal is to become a manager or marketing director in a large company.

Aline - Mexico
Aline, Mexico

Having the opportunity to study abroad is an opportunity for wide-ranging, nonstop cultural exchange. That, in itself, is extremely enriching. 

France has always been in the forefront of many disciplines, and that's also true in the area of human rights.

Yassine, Morocco

Yassine El Kovac, a Moroccan student on a three-year scholarship, is nearing the end of his course at the ENST telecommunications school in Brittany.

Jean-Claude Manuguerra, France

Overseas missions are a regular feature of working life for Jean-Claude Manuguerra, research coordinator and head of the emergency biology intervention unit at Institut Pasteur.

Katherin, Colombia

At 12, Katherin won a scholarship grant to learn French for a few months. This first experience pushed her to go further, and a few years later she decided to register in the Alliance Française in Medellin.

Viktoriya , Russia

After graduating in 2008 with a degree in international economics from the Siberian State University in Novosibirsk, Russia, I decided to pursue my education by getting a master's in strategic and international management at Université Paris Ouest-Nanterre la Défense (Paris X).

Spyridoula - Greece
Spyridoula, Greece

I'm a 22-year-old Greek student. I'm working on my application for a master's program in clinical psychology in France starting next year. 

Terdue, Nigeria

Why did you choose France to study?

I chose to study in France because I felt it was the best destination for me. Back in Nigeria, I did my Bachelor’s degree in French language.

Françoise Sellier, France

As head of the student exchange office with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Françoise Sellier appreciates Campus France’s “very definite know-how” in managing students’ grants.

Véronique Yatéra, Mauritania

Véronique Yatéra —grants, missions and invitations coordinator at the French Embassy in Mauritania— liases with Campus France “on a practically daily basis”.