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In order to facilitate the integration of refugee students (including Syrian, but not only), Campus France focus on them by engaging with many initiatives from higher education institutions in France, Europe and the region of origin of students.

Regional initiatives

Campus France has engaged with its European partners (British, German and Dutch) to implement the HOPES programme, which aims at supporting the integration of young Syrians in higher education institutions of the region. The programme is financed by the "Madad" Fund and is focused on the Syrian refugees living in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, but also on the host communities of these countries.

To know more about the HOPES programme::

European-level initiatives

There is coordination at European level, particularly at the European Commission level. This coordination lists on its Website the initiatives on European funds (including Erasmus+), but also a high number of initiatives taken at local level in European countries.

Initiatives in France

In France, many initiatives exist in favour of refugee students. At national level, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development subsidies several scholarship programmes for refugees (mostly but not limited to Syrians).

Scholarship programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development for Syrian refugees:

It is mostly at local level that initiatives are drawn, in higher education institutions, COMUEs, local communities, students unions and others.
There are many initiatives, among which the exemption of registration fees, the opening of specific places in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Non-exhaustive list.