It is allow to supplement your income with paid work when you are a student in France.

All international students have the right to work

All international students have the right to work while studying in France as long as they are registered in an institution that participates in the national student health-care plan (and they have a resident permit if not a EU national). The right to work applies to all students, including students who come to France for the first time, registered in the first year of a university program, or registered full-time in a language school.

French law allows international students to work at most 964 hours per year, which corresponds to 60% of official full-time employment. Note that you can't expect to meet all of your expenses by working part-time, so you must have other means of support. This is a critical point!

France has a national minimum hourly wage, known as the SMIC (for "Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance"). It currently stands at a gross € 9.67 (by gross, meaning before mandatory 20% tax as social contribution) per hour worked.

You are no longer required to obtain a temporary employment authorization (APT, for "Autorisation Provisoire de Travail") in order to work part-time during your studies, except in the case of Algerian students covered by the Franco-Algerian agreement of December 27, 1968.

Student jobs in universities

International students are also eligible for student jobs at universities and other public institutions of higher education. Students are hired by contract to perform the following services: assist students; help and support to disabled students; tutoring; IT support and assistance, and help to use new technologies; coordinating and staffing cultural, athletic, and social events; work in the career centre; and support to their institution's promotional effort.

Contracts are concluded for a maximum period of 12 months between September 1st and August 31st. Students may work up to 670 hours between September 1st and June 30, and up to 300 hours between July 1st and August 31st.

Students under contract continue their studies and work in a respectful pace: terms of employment and conditions regarding the volume of work specified in the contract adapt to the requirements of each student's programme so as to ensure academic success and post-studies professional transition of students.