Students from member countries of the European Union may work in France without restriction after they graduate. But students from all over the world also have the same opportunity!

International students not from the EU*, three types of degrees let you benefit from a temporary residence authorisation to find and start a job.

As long as you have passed one of the following degrees in a higher education institution compliant with the national plan:

- Degree at least equivalent to the Master's

- Degree categorised as level I by the CGE (Conference of Grandes écoles), which is an equivalent to a 5-years studies course

- Professional Licence

You may apply for a temporary residence authorisation (APS, autorisation provisoire de séjour) valid for 12 months beyond the date of expiration of the student’s residency permit, and non-renewable. This is a residence right to remain in France for professional reasons.

The authorisation allows the student to work at any job in relation with his/her study course as long as the wage is at least equivalent to 1.5 times the SMIC (minimum legal wage). In such case, the student cannot be denied the job situation in France.

This authorisation may also be issued if the student wants to start a company after his/her studies in a field in relation with his/her study course.

After the 12 months of the Temporary Residence Authorisation, he/she will have to apply for a status change:

- From "student" to "employee" for students who prove an employment contract in relation with their study course;

- From "student" to "auto-entrepreneur" (freelance) for students who want to start their own company. Field of work must be related to the study course followed, and the viability of the company must be proven (detailed project, business plan, etc.).

*Algerian students are not included in the Temporary Residence Authorisation plan. They benefit from a specific status regarding residence and employment in France. The 12-months period and/or the non-renewable aspect of the APS doesn't apply to nationals from countries having concluded a bilateral agreement with France (Congo, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gabon).

Other students

After their studies, students in a situation not described above may also be employed by a company. They must change their status in a prefecture. Students in this situation change their status from student to employee.

In such cases, employment may be denied to the applicant, unless he/she apply to one of the following 14 occupations (decree of August 11, 2011):

- Audit and financial control manager
- Furniture and wood products manufacturing equipment operator
- Mechanical product planner / designer
- Quality conformity inspector
- Building and public works draftsman

- Merchandiser
- Information systems production and operation engineer
- Glass manufacturing equipment operator
- Remote service and sales agent
- Operator of basic mechanical production unit

- Electrical and electronic products designer
- Manufacturing processes intervention technician

- Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment operator

- Furniture and wood product processes intervention technician

Applicants for employment authorization must submit an employment contract or offer of employment from a French company. In adjudicating the application, the authorities will take several criteria into account, including the firm’s motives, the applicant’s background, and the amount of time the applicant has spent in French higher education.

Plurennial Residence Card ("Passeport Talent")

The purpose of the Talent passport Plurennial Residence Card ("Passeport Talent") is to facilitate entry in France of international talents. It may be issued to young specialised graduates, workers on a mission, researchers, company creators or designers of an innovative economic project, particularly as part of the French Tech Ticket programme, artists, high-level athlete, etc.

The card is issued for a maximum duration of four years for you and your family. The plurennial residence card "Passeport Talent (Famille)" (Family Talent Passport) gives you the right to have a job. You may apply for the passport out of France for a first entry or if you are already in France when renewing your residence permit.

Here are the eligible profiles to the "Talent Passport" residence permit:

1) Young graduated qualified employees or employed in an innovative company
holders of a degree at least equivalent to the Master's issued by a national-compliant higher education institution, and holders of a work contract superior to 3 months with an annual gross wage at least equivalent to twice the minimum legal wage (SMIC);

 2) Highly qualified workers (European blue card)
holders of a degree representing 3 years of higher studies and a work contract over 12 months with a French employer with an annual gross wage at least equivalent to the reference average annual wage (defined by the Ministry of Immigration);

3) Employees in a mission
qui peuvent justifier d’un contrat de travail de plus de 3 mois avec une rémunération brute au moins égale à 1,8 fois le SMIC ;

4) Researchers (with Researcher Talent Passport, "passeport-talent avec mention chercheur")
holders of a degree at least equivalent to the Master's and a hosting agreement signed by a public or private institution in a research and higher education mission;

5) Company creators
holders of a degree at least equivalent to the Master's and able to prove an investment of at least €30,000 in a company project;

6) Innovative financial project designers
able to prove the innovative aspect of their project in France and sufficient resources during their stay to cover their expenses;

7) Financial investors
who may guarantee to create or keep employments in France during the 4 years following investment and to invest at least €300,000;

8) Corporate officers ("mandataires sociaux", legal representative of a company in France)
Able to justify a gross wage at least equivalent to 3 times the minimum legal wage (SMIC);

9) Performers
holders of a work contract of a cumulative period of at least three months over a 12-months period and resources equivalent to 70% the minimum legal wage (SMIC);

10) Foreign nationals with national or international reputation (science, literature, art, intellectual domain, education, sports)
able to prove sufficient resources during their stay to set their reputation in professional fields.

Find all detailed materials regarding the issuance of a talent passport here:

- Law #2016-274 of the 7th of March 2016

- Decree #2016-1456 of the 28th of October 2016