Holders of a long-stay visa-residence permit (VLS-TS) don't need to ask for a residence permit in a "préfecture" (police headquarter) once they arrive. However, the VLS-TS must still be validated.

Warning: The OFII warns users against attempted fraud by individuals claiming they belong to the OFII.

If someone claims to be an agent of the OFII by phone and asks money through wire transfer, don't follow his/her instructions:


Validation process

As soon as you arrive in France, send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the OFII including:

- The OFII certification demand form ask by the authority which issued the visa and filled by the applicant;
- Copies of the pages of the passport showing information about the holder's identity and the stamp proving the entrance in France or in the Schengen area.

As soon as you receive these documents, the regional OFII directorate will send by mail or email a reception certification of the form to the address used by the applicant and will set up a meeting (if applicable) to a medical inspection if none has been done in the country of origin or to a welcome visit.
Easier processes are currently under test to use e-mails for correspondence between the OFII and the students.
In any case, a 58 euros fee must be paid.

The fee may be paid through fiscal stamp with the "OMI" mention. You may buy fiscal stamps:   

•    online, at www.timbresofii.fr
•    in designated tobacconists.

•    through the tax office service.

Special cases:

1 - Students with a housing in Paris must bring the housing documents to the OFII office in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (from September to November), or, if out of this period, in the OFII centre in Paris.

2 - Specific institutions (including several universities) have a convention with the OFII: all documents must be delivered to the foreign students welcome desk of your institution. We strongly encourage you to check out which solution suits you best in your host institution as soon as you arrive in France.