Here are all our customised online services.

I wish to access my personal space “My CampusFrance”

For everyone.
This folder allows you to memorise all our website contents in an exclusive personal space… and much more!

Warning: creating the “My Campus France” folder online does not trigger a registration in a French higher education institution. To learn more about the registration terms and conditions, please click here

I am a client:

For staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and partners in research programs.
According to your profile, we offer: template forms (scholarships, missions and invitations), research programs databases,  management dialog.

I am a recipient:

For students, trainees and experts managed by Campus France.
We offer the follow-up of your submission form and information.

I am a project manager:

For candidates and project owners.
In the frame of the PHC, COFECUB and FSP Cuba research programs: submission form and financial follow-up of projects.