Promoting French higher education and professional training abroad is a critical aspect of the agency’s mission.

Informing international students

In addition to the site you're reading now, Campus France maintains more than 80 local sites managed by its offices abroad. Those sites provide basic information in the 30 languages used by Campus France to help prospective students explore their interest in the possibility of studying in France.

In the 32 countries in which the "CEF procedure" of France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is operative, Campus France's local Web sites are used by students to apply for admission to postsecondary institutions and to request an entry visa.

Guiding international students

Run by more than 300 people trained by the agency, in close collaboration with educational associations and the agency's supervising ministries, the Espaces welcome prospective students and guide them as they explore their options for study in France. The staff of the Espaces help students identify suitable programs and comply with visa regulations and other administrative requirements that must be taken care of prior to their arrival in France.

Meeting international students

Campus France's ambitious program of international events (fairs, forums, thematic visits, university tours) reaches an average of 160,000 visitors each year. The program is planned well in advance, geographically and strategically, in cooperation with the agency's supervising ministries as well as higher education institutions and associations. 

In addition to major international events (annual bilateral exchanges, international fairs and expos, and major commemorative occasions) and the recurrent events in which Campus France participates, the agency has been experimenting with new forms of promotion. Among the successful new formats are thematic missions, closely targeted institutional meetings, and structured visits from foreign university presidents.

Interviewing international students

Campus France can help French institutions recruit international students. In collaboration with related foreign governments and institutions and in compliance with specific programs. The agency can develop a range of tools and services helping related students –benefitting from scholarships from any level of study- get in touch with collaborating institutions. These tools contribute to the selection, positioning and proper development and monitoring of study in France.