Other types of visas: "visa de circulation" (traveling visa), "visa vacances-travail" (working holiday visa)

Traveling and discovering other cultures at work: the working holiday visa ("visa vacances-travail")

How to come to France with the Working Holiday Programme

This programme is for young travellers from 18 to 30 years old who want to go to a partner country for a maximum duration of one year for touristic and cultural purposes and to be allowed to work onsite to increase their revenue. Indeed, they must have the financial resources necessary to supply their needs at the start of their stay. The amount of resources necessary id defined between partner countries during negotiation of Agreements.

Travellers must apply for a temporary long term visa ("visa de long séjour temporaire", VLS/T) of a maximum of one year duration. The stay in France cannot be extended (unless otherwise specified: exclusive right for Canadians).

The programme framework is mutually defined by a bilateral agreement France has concluded with thirteen countries or territories (so far): Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Argentina, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and Mexico (since the 1st of September 2016). In addition, another agreement concluded with Brazil in 2013 should enter in force soon.

Go the French embassy Website of each partner country to know the precise agreement terms about the working holiday visa.

Travel visa

Alumni: how to come back to France for short periods

Alumni who graduated in higher education (Masters' degree or above or equivalent) can benefit from a 5-years travel visa under specific conditions.

A travel visa ("visa de circulation") is a specific Schengen short stay visa with following characteristics:

  • "CIRCULATION" (travel) written on the label,
  • unlimited number of entries in the Schengen Area,
  • validity duration between 1 to 5 years, but allows only stays in the Schengen Area totalizing a maximum number (all stays aggregation) of 90 days by period of 180 days.

Note: If you are a former foreign student, businessman or businesswoman, feel free to ask for this visa, since more and more consulates issue this visa, in accordance with instructions relative to facilitation measures for international students and alumni.