An operator of mobility.

Campus France is an expert in managing and directing wider programs of international mobility and is the cornerstone of exchanges between France and other countries.

The agency succeeds the Égide association, which had gained the label of “Diversity and non discrimination” in March 2010.

Managing large scholarship programs

Campus France manages the mobility of foreign students and trainees benefitting from scholarships to study in France or abroad. The agency also helps French students studying abroad.

The proper development of studies abroad can be hindered by language subtleties, particular laws and authorities or a new social and cultural context. We have close ties to the higher education and research sector and use all our experience to help students during their stay.

From the welcoming of students to scholarship payment and a customised approach to following up how students’ studies are progressing if necessary, our wide experience helps us optimise their stay in every aspect. In order to do so, we provide a “single service spot” organised to deal with every aspect of a students’ reception. We offer a single contact point for all aspects of the contract.

Directing calls for application to programs of international research and managing mobility

The agency manages researcher exchange programs, from the organisation of calls to the application for research laboratories to control of scientists mobility. Our website presents all useful information on each relevant program (goals, partners, themes, financing, agendas, contacts, etc.). Application forms can be completed online on our website.

Campus France is in charge of the mobility and reception of researchers, whether French or not, in compliance with exchange programs between French and foreign research laboratories networks. We ensure a customised quality environment to stay and work, from travel preparations to the return to their country of origin.

Backing up French experts in their mission

Campus France is in charge of the entire chain of logistical organisation (in foreign countries) of experts in charge of identifying, putting in place and analysing cooperation and technical support programs. These experts seek out advice and training or meets local partners. We offer a full range of services which aim to support experts mobility: travel management, housing research, insurances, administrative processes and payments for completed projects (per diems).

Welcoming stakeholders invited to France

Campus France organises in detail the reception of foreign stakeholders: fact-finding projects, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. We help these political, economic, scientific or cultural exchanges to succeed in every facet.

The agency takes care of all aspects of the reception and management of the stakeholders stay in France: travel management, reception at the airport, subscription to workshops or conferences, contacts and meetings organisation, provision of qualified interpreters, provision of cars with chauffeurs, set up of official meals, cultural days and visits to tourist sites and monuments.