For a decade, Campus France Agency has been in charge of designing and managing this program in cooperation with Malaysian authorities and the French embassy in Malaysia. Within this, the agency signs contracts with French universities and various public institutions allowed to access the program.

For 2012, the "Malaysia Program" includes 7 classes - 209 students, including 174 in France - with over 300 students having already been trained thanks to the program since 2004.

Since this program is mainly developed for the mechanic, electric and chemical engineering fields, its level of study is of an IUT (University Institute of Technology) and gives access to a Licence of engineering school for high level students selected and financed by the Malaysian government (MARA and JPA).

Program Course

Selected students first attend French classes and training in engineering science in Malaysia.

After coming to France, they take intensive FLE (French as a Foreign Language) classes for four months (“briding program”). Afterwards, they join an IUT for two academic years. Although the first year includes customised teachings and management, students are fully integrated to normal classes during their second year.

Students can then choose to continue their studies in France either through Licence then Masters or Professional Licences or Engineers Trainings.