HOPES - Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians

HOPES - Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians

The context 

Due to the war in Syria, more than seven million Syrians have been displaced internally and around five million have fled the country, finding refuge in neighbouring countries. As a result of the enduring crisis, the higher education systems in the host countries have been heavily affected and a situation has arisen where only a small fraction of the vulnerable young refugees are currently enrolled in a university programme. 

What is HOPES ?

HOPES (Higher and Further Education Opportunities and Perspectives for Syrians) is a €12 million project, funded by the European Union’s Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian Crisis, the ‘Madad Fund’. It aims at improving prospects for young Syrians and contributing to the preparation of the post-crisis reconstruction of Syria. The project seeks to provide better access to quality further and higher education opportunities for refugees of post-secondary-age from Syria as well as young people in the host communities affected by the high influx of refugees.

The HOPES project is implemented by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) together with the British Council, Campus France and Nuffic in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The life span of the project will be 4 years, from April 2016 until November 2019.

Fields of Activity: 

Academic Counselling & Scholarship Fund

The Syria Education Desks located in the five target countries offer academic counselling and information about access to tertiary education opportunities. HOPES also provides several hundred full academic scholarships to candidates at the Bachelor and Masters level, with a particular focus on students who had to interrupt their studies in Syria due to the conflict.

For more information, write to Scholarships@hopes-madad.org

Higher Education English Access Programme (HEEAP)

Students from Syria and from host communities can benefit from university-based English and study skills courses to improve their English, increasing their ability to apply for scholarships and access other educational opportunities in their host countries.

For more information, write to HEEAP@hopes-madad.org

Call for Proposals and short projects

HOPES provides funding for innovative short-term education projects targeting refugees and vulnerable host communities across Egypt, Northern Iraq (KRI), Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and/or Syria and implemented by local and regional educational institutions.

For more information, write to cfp@hopes-madad.org

Stakeholder Dialogue

Through national stakeholder dialogues and regional policy conferences, HOPES will facilitate the development of joint strategies and the coordination of interventions in the higher and further education sector related to the Syrian crisis in the region.

For more information, write to communication@hopes-madad.org

For more information about the project:

HOPES short description (in English)

HOPES – short description (in Arabic)

Write to hopes@hopes-madad.org