French engineering schools are helping young African entrepreneurs create new businesses.  

The Entrepreneurs in Africa program, co-funded by France's Ministry of Immigration, Integration, National Identity, and Cooperative Development and managed by CampusFrance, supports the formation and growth of small and medium-sized technology companies in francophone Africa. The program works by bringing together African entrepreneurs and French engineering schools, (notably those of the "n+i" network) in the early stages of business creation. 

Objectives of the program

The goals of the Entrepreneurs in Africa program are: 

  • to encourage the growth of local entrepreneurship through the creation of small and medium-sized technology companies

  • to help African graduates of postsecondary technical programs find jobs in new firms created in Africa 

  • to help the African diaspora promote initiatives that create wealth and jobs on the African continent. 

An innovative initiative

The originality of the Entrepreneurs in Africa program resides in the support offered to prospective African entrepreneurs by French engineering schools. Studies and research carried out in school laboratories will reinforce the credibility of projects proposed by participating entrepreneurs from the point of view of their technical feasibility (product quality, realism of technical approach) and their commercial viability (competitiveness, response to market needs, observance of national and international norms and standards). The schools' participation should also make it easier for start-ups to attract financing. 

Beneficiaries of the program

The program is designed for African entrepreneurs wishing to start or expand a job-creating technology business operating in francophone Africa.