Campus France operates 155 "Espaces" and 78 branches in 119 countries.

The main goal of Campus France's offices abroad, called "Espaces," is to coordinate services for international students interested in studying in France, from the initial gathering of information right up to the point of preliminary enrollment. 

In addition to helping Campus France's Paris staff in organizing major events in host countries, the Espaces promote French higher education within local institutions.

Operating with a staff trained by the agency in close collaboration with educational associations and the agency's supervising ministries, the Espaces welcome prospective students and guide them as they explore their options for study in France. The staff of the Espaces help students identify suitable programs and comply with visa regulations and other administrative requirements that must be taken care of prior to their arrival in France.

In 31 countries an online system allows students to apply for a visa while applying for admission to a program. 

The Espaces employ more than 350 people around the world.

In anticipation of the opening of CampusFrance Espaces in the regions of France, the agency has embedded a representative in each of France's higher education and research clusters, which are known as PRES.