Campus France Forum: associating institutions in order to fully deploy the agency’s action.

The Campus France Forum was created by an establishing decree on December 30th, 2011. Its goal is to gather together French institutions which can potentially represent the high quality and originality of our higher education.

The Forum also aims to allow institutions registered in representative conferences to take part in the Campus France board of directors’ decisions on specific issues identified with the help of institutions in the form of technical commissions.

Institutions registered in the CampusFrance group of interest can automatically become Forum members.

Meet with higher education institutions

The first aspect of the Forum (association in the large sense) is to reuse the organisation of the former General Assembly of GIP CampusFrance subscribers.

It takes the form of a subscription to the forum in exchange for a financial contribution that gives the right to specific services and preferential rates on services offered by EPIC to all institutions.

The subscription is carried out in compliance with terms and conditions very similar to those of the subscription to the GOI CampusFrance, following an application approval from the board of directors and then the Forum members.

Design operational propositions

The second aspect aims at fulfilling the mission statements issued by the decree: making recommendations to the BOD on the promotion of French higher education in foreign countries.

The work of institutions will be organised in thematic commissions in order to yield operational propositions. The themes will be chosen in the following list:

  • Educational and logistical reception of students in France
  • Evaluation of promotional instruments
  • How to better organise the network of Campus France Spaces in order to achieve their missions ?
  • The image of French higher education: international comparisons and strategies
  • Professional higher education: development of relocated courses of study and/or the attractiveness of French training programs
  • Promotion of trainings in the Health sector
  • Promotion of trainings in the agrosciences sector
  • Mediterranean Office for Youth (MOY) and cooperation and attractiveness strategies for Mediterranean countries
  • How to develop students exchange with North America ?
  • Etc.