The new French social network is designed for foreign alumni who have studied in France

On November 26th 2014, Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and Geneviève Fioraso, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research, have officially launched, the new French social network for foreign alumni who have studied in France in the Quai d’Orsay, with 400 academic, economic, diplomatic and politics players.

Three alumni - Mohamed Salah ben Ammar, current Tunisian Minister for Public Health, Jennifer Flay, Head of the FIAC and John Parkes, Managing Director in Ubisoft France – have brought into light their experience.
Every year, about 300,000 foreign students study in France, which ranks the country 3rd in the world in terms of higher education attraction. We owe this good result to the quality of our higher education system and our way of greeting foreign students.

A recent study from Campus France and Institut BVA shows that the gap between the spending of foreign students and their siblings in France and the costs supported by the community is positive of over 1,5 billion Euro per year. Furthermore, after their stay, alumni become prescribers of the "Made in France": over two thirds of foreign students are willing to buy products manufactured in France, work with our companies or come back as tourists.

The digital platform aims at allowing the ever-growing number of foreign alumni to stay in touch with France, its schools, universities, companies and cultural offer. With, they will be able to exchange, access training, scholarship, internship or job offers, stay informed of the French cultural and tourist news. This new website is also a good opportunity for the international development of our companies and universities to make new economic and academic partnerships with alumni.

This platform has been long awaited, and it is now powered and managed by Campus France, French operator of higher education mobility and will be arranged around a central site and local sites, which will be gradually launched by French embassies abroad. Ten of them will integrate the platform in 2014: Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Gabon, Japan, Jordan, Philippines, Kuwait, Turkey and Vietnam. In 2015, other French embassies will join this initiative.

The Alumni platform will offer services in French and English. Local sites will also be available in local language.

Pictures: F. de La Mure /MAEDI