of the Campus France Meetings for Innovation and Research

Frédérique Vidal, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation has opened on Monday 3 of July the Meetings for Innovation and Research 2017 by Campus France at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Thierry Coulhon, Higher Education, Research and Innovation Advisor for the French President, Emmanuel Puisais-Jauvin, Deputy General Director for Globalisation, Culture, Education and International Development of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Khaled Bouabdallah, President of the Campus France Forum and Vice-President of the CPU, and representatives of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) and the CDEFI (Conférence des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d'Ingénieurs) were also present.

To Frédérique Vidal: "Internationalisation and globalisation are a fact, it's a great opportunity for us to discover other cultures, new horizons. We have on this subject many assets and a great experience." She also talked about the recent call "Make our Planet Great Again" launched by the French President. The Minister thanked the posts and Campus France, "who played a great part in this success, and encourage us to continue to send this call all over the world".

Finally, the minister closed her speech with a few priorities in order to improve the internationalisation of institutions such as: "giving more autonomy to institutions". For the Minister, "the role of the State and its operatives, and Campus France is one of the leaders, is indeed to support institutions in their deployment. When an institution succeeds abroad, France also succeeds."

Read the speech by Frédérique Vidal

To support this determination to improve attractiveness of French higher education institutions abroad, the CPU, the CDEFI, the CGE and Campus France Forum have offered six actions to Frédérique Vidal:

  • Improvement of French government scholarships;
  • Global communication campaign;
  • Increase of resources allocated to institutions to welcome foreign students and researchers;
  • Simplification of the application process and development of innovative trainings;
  • Simplification of stays for students and young foreign researchers,
  • Development of outward mobility of French students.

Read all actions (links available later).

Photo credit: Olivier Sochard