Georgia is a major regional destination in the heart of the Caucasus

Campus France has published a FOCUS Georgia to offer a short assessment of the international mobility of the country, the priorities of the government in terms of training and promotion actions led by other countries, but also to present key information about the state of higher education cooperation with France.

Georgia has ancient academic traditions. The first university of the Caucasus was founded in 1918 in Tbilisi. The Georgian higher education system is aligned on the highest standards of regulation and quality of the Bologna process. The universities of the country implement voluntarist policies of internationalisation of their training that result in the creation of dynamic and diverse exchanges with West-European and English-speaking institutions.

The country registers 130,000 students including 1,160 who are currently learning French as part of their studies. With about 450 students in mobility per year, France is among the leading countries to welcome Georgian students.