What is the COFECUB?

COFECUB is the French acronym for French Committee for the Evaluation of Academic and Scientific Cooperation with Brazil. It was launched in 1979 to evaluate and manage cooperation programs in research and training with Brazil. It works in collaboration with two Brazilian institutions: the CAPES (Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento do Pessoal de Nível Superior, the Federal Agency of Support and Evaluation of Postgraduate Education) and the USP (Universidade de São Paulo, the São Paulo University).

COFECUB organisation

Its president is former president of French University Paris 13 professor Pierre Jaisson. The Committee includes 6 scientific experts, representatives of the Universities Presidents Conference and the Grandes Écoles Conference and representatives of both supervising French Ministries (Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Ministry of Higher Education and Research).


This framework agreement of inter-universities cooperation was signed in 1979 and aims at continuing high level exchanges. The CAPES equally co-finances short missions of researchers and scholars and finances in whole the Brazilian doctoral students’ scholarships.

View all information on the CAPES-COFECUB program (in French only)

The USP-COFECUB agreement

This framework agreement aims at creating an academic exchange system allowing Brazilian and French researchers-teachers to develop joint high level researches. This program is financed in Brazil by the São Paulo University and is mainly for short missions and was put in place in 1994.

View all information on the USP-COFECUB program (in French only)